Jaren Grey

by Jaren Grey

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released February 20, 2017




Jaren Grey

Hello. I'm Jaren. I was once called Pip. I am no longer called Pip. I hope that clears everything up. I create rock music and quite enjoy doing it. I hope you enjoy!

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Track Name: Falling
I feel I’m falling
Nothing I can do
My grip is failing
I’m falling straight to you

Inevitable hands are feeble hoping you can catch me
Cause at this rate it’s been too late to save me since you met me
Darkness down below but it’s the only place to go
Yeah it’s all or nothing it’s the only way I know

I used to laugh at all the love songs playing on the radio
And even though I’d sing along I thought that ain’t how life goes
But now I’m seeing what they’re talking about
Ground opening up I’m falling falling
An apocalyptic helplessness
Slipping through the fault line, falling

No choice in the matter no point of return
Step into the fire and feel the burn
Immersed by your touch it’s all too much
Consumed alive taken by your clutches

I’m just beginning to understand
The depth of what this could be
All I can do is take your hand
And unlock the mystery
Track Name: Light in You
You’re broken, so you can’t
See past your flaws
But we all break, we make mistakes
Do things that give us pause
Sometimes you think you know too much
You keep it inside, you’re trying to be tough
You fear if you let it out
Only darkness will flow and it will swallow you whole

I can see the light in you – it’s unmistakable
With all the things that you’ve been through – it’s still unbreakable
Sometimes it’s afraid to shine but it always comes through
When the sun doesn’t wanna come up – I see the light in you

What I see, a masterpiece
A portrait of your life
Resilience, the brilliance
Of your colors shining bright
Every stroke, every smudge all combined
Take a couple steps back and then you’ll find
What you thought was black and bleak
Just helps all the shine take a hold of my eyes

I know you can’t see it now
But I’ll try to show you somehow
Track Name: The Bar
It’s been 3 weeks, but it feels like an eternity
A bad dream, wish I’d wake up - you’d turn to me
Grab my arm and say everything will be okay
But it’s 3pm and I’m just crawling out of bed
Hurts again – last night still not out my head
Everything is hazy – feels like I’m going crazy

Cuz I’m playin’ ain’t no sunshine on repeat
Slow dancing with nobody but me
What was the matter I couldn’t see

I stumble off to that tired spot
Full mind and an empty heart
Same drink, same seat
Man what happened to me
Later on when the crowds roll in
I’m just as lonely as when I first came in
Looking around in this bar tonight
I see you raised the bar real high

I loved the way we did things on a whim
There were bad days but we’d just roll along with them
Now I can’t cope I’m on a downward slope
All that’s left are images running round in my mind
Trying to see if I can find
Where it went wrong – why you’re up and gone

I can’t be bothered to speak
But in my heart I scream
Track Name: Life
Campfire philosophy
Something that stuck with me
Your spark never fades away

Just like the fire before us
We can light an entire forest
With what we do and say

Even when we run out of gas
What we’ve left behind still lasts

Life is a never ending one way street
We’re blips on a timeline as far as we can see
Everyone’s stricken with strife, but we’re all given gifts
So take your life and do something with it

When you’re gone you’re still around
Filling hearts, not just the ground
You best leave something worth the space

Even when we’ve ended our path
What we’ve left behind still lasts

Learn from others, take it in
Know that everyone’s different
Presuppose as little as you can
Use the knowledge that you’ve gained
Pass it on, don’t be ashamed
Everybody reach out your hand
Track Name: Momma
Momma I know you’re out there
And I never have enough to say and I have never been that brave but
Momma thanks for everything
And all the memories that you made stick with me today

I hope someday I’ll see you under sunny skies
Cause every time I look up I'm reminded of your eyes
I know you’re worn and tired, I bet the pain is on your face
Whatever gets thrown at you, you handle it with grace

I still believe that love conquers all
And darkness gets drowned out by light
And the bruises that we’re feeling need some healing
But I think it’s worth the fight
I’m still scared about what’s out there
There’s still hurt on the horizon
But I hold out hope that I’ll hear you say
Come to me my son

Momma I know you’re in there
Neath those calloused castle walls fortified by every brawl
Momma I still remember
All those little slips and falls that you would carefully resolve

I hope someday I’ll see you under sunny skies
Cause every time I look up it reminds me of your eyes
I know you’ve got it in you, you’re stronger than I
But you’ve got more to lose so momma take your time

Running around so lost inside
Doing laps in my mind
How did it turn out like this?

Put on a smile and act like I’m fine
Heaven knows that I keep trying
To push it back inside
But right now I’m crying
Track Name: Medicine
Your solution was pain and sorrow
But it won’t be like that tomorrow
I’ve kicked your filthy habit

Your master cure is no longer credible
Studies now show that what you said was bull
I see the needle but I’m not gonna have it

I grew ill from your false pills

HEY So I’m the bad son
HEY Taste your medicine
HEY Just look what you have done
Taste your medicine

HEY So you had your fun
HEY Taste your medicine
It’s time for me to run
HEY You’re not my medicine

Your miracle drug with its potent aroma
Worked until I rose from the coma
I finally see what you’re all about
You’re making the recipe up as you go
What are you doing you don’t really know
I thank the lord I found my way out

No more infections in my blood
We know your lectures are a fraud
Track Name: I'm Not the Kind
I'm not the guy you walk away from
I'm not following, no need to run
Close that door and then I'm done
I'm not the guy you walk away from

I'm not the kind you leave behind
It'll leave you wishing you were still mine
You hurt me good but I'll be fine
I'm not the kind you leave behind

I'm not the one you up and leave on
You gotta find something else to lean on
When you're missing me I'll be moving on
I'm not the one you up and leave on

I'm not the kind you leave behind
I'll be hovering in the back of your mind
You'll be left praying for a sign
I'm not the kind you leave behind
Track Name: So Much More
I was 19 – didn’t know a thing
About the whims of the heart
You could have scared me away, been too much to take
But you had me from the start

You showed me a world outside of my shell
It wasn’t all a cold-hearted hot-headed hell
You helped me see the good in my self
You didn’t ask for me to be anybody else

So much more than a beautiful smile
So much more than let’s talk a while
You were everywhere but so far away
Everything faded when I saw your face
So much more than I love you
Never felt something more deep and true
We bridged the gap of a thousand miles
So much more than a beautiful smile

I was rescued when I felt you
We didn’t have to say a word
I’ve been chasing that feeling
Nothing beats that unspoken comfort

I can’t even count how many times girl is rhymed with world
But I understood in those times when you sent me to the stars
Cause when I was up so high I knew one thing for sure
All I wanted when I finished flying was to land in your arms
Track Name: Soft Spot
Of all the misadventures of my life
I still remember all those crazy nights
Standing in the parking lot freezing
Trying not to be the one to give in
Couldn’t leave without something
To remember you by

Time went slow and we held each other tight
I was no Beast but you were Belle in the night
Dancing around till we were dizzy
Like we were old school Disney
I saw myself when I was 80
Still getting lost in those eyes

And I thought what I got
was all I ever needed
In my heart, you found a spot
A place safe and secret
It held you gently like nothing else did
But it had to let you go when everything bled
There was nothing left to do
But I still got a soft spot
For you

The long conversations faded out
And in their place was confusion and doubt
People saying you were crazy
But I thought to myself just maybe
You were the one who was gonna save me
And we could figure it out
Track Name: Queen Cobra
Slithering into your mind
The charmer turns charmed with all her lies
She makes you think she’s on your side
In too deep she owns your life

She’ll hide in the sands of your headspace
Crippling your very thoughts
The venom to the enemy she said she gave
Was saved for you after all

She’ll dance around your gaze
Intoxicate your ways
Hiss at your back but kiss your face
She’ll poison everyone
Slick words from that forked tongue
Everybody’s dead and nobody’s won

Sweet talk
Body lock
All function lost
Sucked in
Spit all over
You've entered the lair of the deadly queen cobra

Slithering into your soul
You’ll need her to make you whole
Slipping into total decay
She’ll make you think it’s all ok

Everyone’s a puppet in her game
Put you down to raise her name
Before you fall under her spell
See the signs and run like hell
Track Name: What Have I Done
My vision starting to fade
Boundaries have all but decayed
My eyes like laser beams
Cutting through you, bursting at the seams

Break pedal’s broken
I’m tearing it open

Animalistic – going ballistic
I’ve lost all control
Instincts setting in what trouble am I getting in
The feeling takes a hold of me
I can’t see with these blinders on
Wake me up, what have I done

Bolts of lightning in my brain
Fuses blown I’m blown away
Heart is beating out of my chest
Just let my body do the rest
Track Name: Memories on Our Side
All I wanted was forever
But forever seems too far
We’re running low on fuel and hope
And I don’t know where we are
I can’t figure out where to turn

All we got are memories on our side
The flame has all but died
There’s hope in an ember and I still remember
The sparkle in your smile
The films play in my mind
Stuck on rewind
The memories on our side

When I look back
At the moments we had
I’ll try to smile instead of being sad
Nothing to regret, no what could have been
yeah I still cherish the little things
and the joy they bring

And the love that once bound us
The passion that surrounded us
Don’t hold us anymore
Track Name: Don't Cry for Me
Don’t cry for me
Yeah I know you think I’m not ok
Don’t cry for me
I never meant to cause you any pain
It’s my hope that you put your hope in what you believe is right
I pray it compels you, it tells you, saying don’t cry for me tonight

Too many regrets pile up in my head
So many things I wish I could have said
Just know I don’t want you to change
You’ll be just fine if you stay just the same

I know what you’ve heard and that’s not me
But I understand why you’d believe
He’s got your world in his grip
He’d crush you if you ever slipped

I know you can think for yourself
I know you do it well
I see why you’re hesitant
With promises of hell

I hope this song finds you well
I hope it finds you happy
I’ll try to feel the same way too
But it’s hard when you’re not with me
Track Name: A Mile Away
When I get stuck in a big ol’ rut
When it feels like I just can’t win
When I lose sight of what really matters
You set me straight again
When I feel like it’s all caving in – When nothing feels like a breeze
When I’m traveling on an angry ocean
You put my mind at ease

You know just who I am
No veils, screens or shams

And now I stand here knowing that you will rescue me
And I’ll be left here glowing uncontrollably
And I know it happens every time
And I see it coming from a mile away
coming from a mile away

When I feel like the fog is unceasing
When it seems the days are a blur
You clear the skies with a single smile
I know I have no power